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At Sudar, quality is accorded as much attention as innovation and value-creation. This function is managed by a fully computerised quality control system, which monitors operations round-the-clock, ensuring the highest quality standards.

At Sudar, maintaining the highest quality levels helps us deliver excellence in everything we do. This reflects not only in robust growth but also in personnel development and enhanced management abilities.

Sudar's manufacturing facilities deploy state-of-the-art technologies and automated facilities that ensure the highest levels of process integrity and product quality. Our facilities have fully self-reliant Quality Control departments with sophisticated equipment such as HPLCs, GCs, titrators, FTIRs and UV spectrometers to ensure conformance with stringent quality standards.

Sudar also established an end-to-end infrastructure for CRAMS and development in its Vadodara plant to address world-class standards. This infrastructure comprised facilities for process and pharma research.

Sudar's garments division was invested with state-of-the-art manufacturing and inspection equipmentresulting in the best garment quality.

Sudar's world-class quality products and facilities, regulatory and compliance systems conform to international standards. The company is among the youngest in India to be certified for ISO, a rare phenomenon for a large garment manufacturing unit.