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CRAMS services

Sudar's services model for CRAMS
Custom research on long-term FTE basis

  •  Customer deploys group of FTEs on a long-term basis and regularly gives projects to them.
  •  Regular reporting done in a prescribed format
  •  Regular interaction of tele/video conferencing between scientists of both sides
  •  Customer is updated on the periodic status and feedback is sought
  •  On each project completion, a dossier along with a sample is sent to the customer.

Custom research - molecule basis (fee for product)

  •  Customer gives the project and we offer the timeline and cost for product development
  •  On completion of the project, a dossier with a sample is sent to the customer.

Scale-up of clinical quantities

  •  Regular RFPs through e-room and e-mail. We offer through e-room and get individual orders against our price and timeline.
  •  In most cases, the customer specifies the process and in some cases asks us to engage in process modification/development on a fixed time and cost basis.

Custom manufacturing of commercial quantities - for launched products

  •  In most cases, customer gives the process and in some cases we do the process optimisation/development

Manufacture of intermediates and APIs

  •  Custom research and development services: Offering route design, process development services for intermediates and APIs, while offering analytical protocol development support to offer a complete dossier that can be scaled to any multiple.
  •  Scale-up services comprising fast and efficient scale-up manufacturing services (from a few 100s of grams to few 100s of kilograms) for pre-clinical and early clinical phase projects
  •  Custom manufacturing services comprising seamless scale-up and commercial manufacture of intermediates and APIs (from few 100s of kilograms to multi tonnes scale)

Medicinal chemistry services on FTE basis also

  •  Building blocks, scaffolds, intermediate compounds for generating analogues
  •  Reference compounds for in-vitro assays and in-vivo animal model studies
  •  Custom synthesis of lead compounds in grams
  •  Pharmacophore based focused libraries generated for a particular target

Isolation and purification at medchem scale

  •  Isolation of impurities of active pharmaceutical ingredients from mg to gram level
  •  Isolation and purification of new chemical entities and their impurities using preparative HPLC from mg to gram level
  •  Isolation and purification of degradation impurities by preparative HPLC
  •  Isolation and purification of raw materials, intermediates and APIs for standard preparations