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Business strategy

Penetrate across different consumer segments: With the launch of 'St. Paul' and
'Majesty' brands, the Company intends to penetrate diverse consumer segments through the network of large brand owners spread mainly in the state of Tamil Nadu and Gujarat.

Expand the existing manufacturing unit: The Company intends to expand its manufacturing unit to 80000 pieces of garment per month during theFY13. It intends to establish its distribution network and selling agents in South India and extend the network through exclusive brand outlets during the next couple of years. The Company has already developed its own industrial garments specially for foreign clients which process would increase the quality of the products to a great extent.

Target the growing segment: The Company intends to address the growing youth population through relevant product lines.

Proposed marketing set up: The Company's products are exported to the US, the UK, and the Middle East through merchant exporters or sold domestically through selling agents. Going forward, the Company intends to penetrate the Indian retail market through outlets and franchisees on the one hand and export directly.

Strengthen brand recognition: The Company intends to enhance brand recognition by aggressively marketing in brand outlets. The Company made a strategic decision to focus on branded apparel and to market the same through brand outlets. As a result of this shift in its business strategy, the Company has been developing a distinct brand and marketing strategy for brands like ‘Glory to Glory'. ‘St. Paul' and ‘Majesty'. It will continue to advertise in the print media and may diversify to billboards, event sponsorships, celebrity sponsorships, special event advertisements and advertisements in selected periodicals. Additionally, it may be present at trade shows and events throughout the country.

Enhance manufacturing capacities: The Company is focused on establishing and increasing the productivity of its in-house manufacturing facilities to exercise control over manufacturing costs and quality. The Company proposes to increase its manufacturing effectiveness by embarking upon optimum productivity, resulting in economies of scale.

Train employees: The Company will attract and retain employees. This retention of employees is made possible due to the presence of in-house training facilities and offering various incentives to the employees. It intends to continuously re-engineer its management and organisational structure to respond effectively to changes in the business environment and enhance profitability.

Long-term relationships: The Company expects to increase client-specific knowledge to provide end-to-end customer solutions.