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Benzo Petro International Limited

Sudar acquired Benzo Petro International Limited for Rs 26 crore in September, 2012. Incorporated in 1991 by Dhirajlal CGami and Ramesh C Gami, Gujarat-based Benzo Petro manufactures and exports various benzaldehyde products.

The Company enjoys attractive prospects for the following reasons: an increased global preference for generics, rising incidence of the patent expiration of blockbuster drugs, continuous need to reduce manufacturing costs and strong pharmaceutical market growth. India has emerged as a favoured API producing nation on account of its competitiveness and quality standards.

Sudar was seriously on look out for some business enterprise which has all the manufacturing facilities that was envisaged to be developed by them and Benzo Petro International Limited met with all requisite business advantages. Though Benzo Petro International Limited could not capitalise on its assets and its business contacts due to lack of application of pharma and agro-chemical technology, yet the facilities generated by them were found to be the best.

The acquisition will strengthen the business of Sudar Industries Limited for the following reasons:

  • SIL will emerge as a fully integrated pharmaceutical company
  • SIL will save environmental clearances time of around two years, while opening markets and preponing revenues.
  • SIL will acquire BPIL's whole business with all assets and develop all such new set of product mix which would have the necessary markets in national and international level with immediate effect. The success in securing orders worth over Rs. 57.00 crore as on end Oct 12 would substantiate the advantages foreseen by SIL at the time of the said acquisition. The target sales for the year ending March 2013 is estimated to be Rs. 107.50 crore at a minimum level.
  • SIL will enter a tender-based business where volume will drive the Company's topline and reduce SIL's sole dependence on garment manufacture alone.

Core capabilities of our chemical division due to acquisition of Benzo Petro International Limited

  •  Strong R&D, engineering and manufacturing capabilities
  •  Track record of multi-step synthesis
  •  Sound understanding of global regulatory requirements
  •  Professional dedication to product quality standards
  •  High health, safety and environmental standards
  •  Dedication to confidentiality obligations and IPR protection
  •  Robust business process and project management capability
  •  Assured achievement of milestones and deliverables
  •  Partnering with R&D industry, pharma/biotech and specialty/cosmetic chemical companies
  •  Highly qualified and experienced CRAMS team

All the above referred capabilities are achieved due to expansion of the Board of Directors and Management personals with specialised knowhow of pharma-intermediate and Agro-Chemical formulations, manufacture, quality, sales and marketing.

Going ahead, Sudar intends to leverage its acquired competencies and emerge as a preferred CRAMS partner. By leveraging acquired competencies and technologies, the Company proposes to assist customers by developing required products and delivering required quantities.